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There is a very common misconception that all branded products are created equally. While that maybe  true in some cases it is absolutely not true in most major Brands. Because of the product standards & consumer laws of different geographical markets - major brands have found a way to make products that are branded with their name and the products look identical but one is made for the Latin American/Caribbean Market and the other is made for the North American Market mainly the United States & Canada.

In most cases if not all North America Model is far superior to the Latin American Model - both are sold on the retail level at more or less the same price - because to you the consumer it is the same product. Ever wonder why major local Retail companies do NOT advertise the true model #'s of their products they sell? So when you go to your local favorite Appliance Store - you maybe think you are get getting your favorite brand appliance and paying Top Dollar from your hard earned money - the question is are you getting the quality & value you think you are paying Top Dollar for? And even if they do sell a true American Model - that model is likely to be discontinued or refurbished because it was manufactured so long ago. At BrandsUSATT.COM we guarantee all our products are 100% USA Quality all with current most updated models fully equipped with the most advanced features & modern technology.



Our Service to get our customers the best American Branded products for one price. We save our customers the Money, Time & and all the headaches associated with trying to get major modern American Products on their own. Lets recap the steps one has to go through  - Getting the Foreign US Currency - Either Traveling to the US or begging a Friend or Family residing in the US to buy it - Hoping it gets to the Shipping Company without Damages - (Be aware when the Shipping Company receives the item they sign for a box! If the item inside is damaged or wrong item - it will be shipped unless the box itself is badly damaged) - the high shipping costs that are constantly increasing - when the product arrives a week or more after - another week for unstuffing of the cntr - A day to get documents from the local shipping agent - another day or days to file the product import licenses (if required) another day to the Customs Bond to line up from 5am to make sure customs can inspect the cargo or else the day is wasted and the additional local handling & Rent charges to be paid at that time - getting a trucker to wait all day or days until you are done to take it home - the risk of the item being damaged throughout the entire ordeal - We take care of this entire process - with one competitive price. Our process is simple - pay and collect.